COMHWA has reached strategic cooperation with REYHER, the world's top fastener buyer.


In June 11, 2018, COMHWA came into a big event. REYHER, the world's top fastener buyer from Germany, formally established a partnership with COMHWA, which also signifies that the COMHWA standard is officially recognized by the world's top fastener purchasers.

REYHER is an important representative of European fastener buyers. It was founded in Hamburg, Germany in 1887. It is a world's leading fastener product and technology provider. It is one of the biggest fastener wholesalers in Europe, which involves industry, machinery and equipment manufacturing and equipment maintenance.

As the leading fastener buyer in the world, REYHER has a high standard of strict requirements for the quality of the fastener products purchased. They have been adhering to the consistent and rigorous attitude of the Germans. After the repeated testing and examination of the COMHWA fastener products, they have finally given a high degree of affirmation and praise and signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

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